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Cosmos offers a wide variety on long-lasting self-standing poles, all made of high quality stainless steel designed to be rust-proof, stain and color-resistant.

You can choose between the real stone and wood designs.

Integrating Cosmos in your backyard will highlight your amazing outdoor experience.

  • Sleek and Stable Pole Construction.
  • The weight of the bases depends on the size of the TV.
  • Cosmos’s sleek and stable pole is designed to ensure highest quality of durability where pole on custom base is exclusively designed for Cosmos.
  • Depending on the size of the TV, the bases measure between 20"x20" and 30"x30" and are 3" high.
  • It comes with a waterproof connector set for power, HDMI and optical audio.
  • Now you can easily connect a HDMI device (for example a game console) without having to open the TV cable compartment.
  • This is also very convenient if the TV's location need to be changed frequently.
  • Guy Lines Clamp Highly Recommended for Unpredictable Weather and Ensure Extra Stability.
  • You can also get hold of our Guy Lines Clamp for the unpredictable weather or for some late afternoon storm.
  • This clamp can easily be attached to the pole and this is a great way to make sure that the Cosmos 5 is immovable as it is highly recommended in high wind areas and public areas.

Click here for the comos mount PDF.